Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Color Blocking

This trend is FIERCE, BOLD and you must be BRAVE to attempt it.

I LOVE it!

What are your thoughts on Color Blocking?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Plunging Neckline - Fall 2011

I LOVE this upcoming trend! There are some obvious risks but the overall look is so bold and daring, it's like being nakedly clothed ;)

Source: Fashionising

Versace collaborates with H&M!

Last week, Versace officially announced it's collaboration with H&M. I am totally excited to see what will be in store for this collection. I'm a big fan of vintage versace and hope that the new collection has many statement pieces, beautiful patterns and incorporates some of today's most popular trends.
I'm so looking forward to this!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Love you Zhob! Will you be mine?

Check out these babies! Kinda look like Jessica Simpson Dany, don't cha think? I want theseeee!
Only problem is this heel is like 5 inches and I'll tower over my hubby.. ah well!
Wonder if they'll ship to Canada. Check em out: CLICK HERE

Welcome to Nakedly Clothed!

Hello and welcome to Nakedly Clothed!
My name is Samantha Gomez and I've designed this blog to share my personal style, fashion trends, loves, obssessions, hair styles and tutorials and anything and everything else.

All my posts are real and stripped bare (hence the name of the blog).

Look forward to connecting with you soon xo

Samantha Gomez <3