Monday, July 4, 2011

More closet space please & thank you!

urggghh.. so I definitely need more closet space! I am so looking forward to moving soon with my husband and having our own house. Saving, saving, and saving some more to be able to buy our 1st home.
Check out how rammed my closet is.. lol
This is just half of my clothes.. you haven't seen the storage under my bed... smh!

Any suggestions on how I can make more room for everything with such little space?!

Check out how disorganized my shoes are lol


  1. you should try getting a rail, i used to be short on closet space but getting a rail really solved my problems!

  2. Whoa! Lol at least it is organized lol!

    Stopping by from the Black Girl With Long hair natural bride post!


  3. Oh wow! Honey I had a similar situation when I lived in an apartment. I ended up with several pairs of warped heels. Of course, after that traumatic discovery, I decided to remove my shoes from the closet and line them up along one wall of my bedroom. I had my cousin build 2 shelves along the wall beginning about 6 inches from the floor. My jewelry boxes and shoes were on the shelves and on the floor right under the last shelf I placed shoes only. It didn't solve all my limited space problems, but it did protect my shoes. Just a thought ;-)