Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Where'd you get that ______ from?"

So I decided to make a "Where'd you get that _____ from?" series.
I'm sure you've walked in a mall before and saw someone rocking either a piece of clothing or accessory that you just NEEDED to have.
It's happened to me several times and so I decided to make this series. Anytime I see someone with something that I know would look stunning in my closet, I'll ask them where they got it from and try to either find the same one or something similar.

Today, while shopping at H&M, I saw this girl with the most gorgeous clutch.

It was itching me to know where she scored such an incredible piece from. So I tapped her on her shoulder and asked.
With a smile, she told me, "Goodwill".
All I could say was "Dammit!"
An incredibly unique vintage purse that would be more than impossible to find.
Now, I'm on a mission to add something similar to my wardrobe. Care to help? Let me know if you've seen anything like this before and where you've seen it from.

Thanks a mil in advance!! xo

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